Fall Protection Systems

Fall protection planning starts with simple solutions, such as a guardrail, and includes more elaborate options, such as harness and rail systems, as needed. As experts in fall protection, the team at Premsafe have a complete understanding of the wide range of options available. We will advise and work with you to choose the most relevant solution to meet your needs.

Fall Protection Systems

With falls from height being the leading cause of deaths in the workplace, roof safety is paramount for anyone working on a commercial or industrial roof. As a leading roof safety company, Premsafe provide a wide range of fall protection solutions designed to prevent falls from height and eliminate the risk of injury. View our range of fall protection systems below.

Guardrail Systems

Mobile Man Anchors

Eyebolts and Roof Anchor Systems

Roof Light Protection

Abseiling & Rope Access Systems

Davit Arms

Overhead System

Vehicle Safety Fall Protection