Testing & Re-Certification

Without your fall protection systems being re-tested on a regular basis, you potentially run the risk of putting maintenance personnel at risk of falls from height. Not only this, you are also breaking the law if you haven’t tested your fall protection system in the last 12 months!

Premsafe are able to offer the complete package to building owners/occupiers. Whilst we can design and install your bespoke fall protection and safety systems, our trained engineers are able to ensure that they continue to meet the necessary safety standards. This includes items such as safety line systems, edge protection, and your PPE to be used in harmony with the system.

Should there be a need to train any new staff or re-train the existing team, Premsafe will be able to advise on best practice when using each system and ensure your personnel are comfortable with their PPE and know how to recognise any faults before using them.

Even if your existing system has not been fitted by Premsafe, please feel free to get in touch without obligation to see if we can help with your annual inspections. Alternatively, find out more about our roof safety testing and re-certification services.