Eyebolt Testing & Maintenance

Eyebolt & Roof Anchor Testing

Eyebolts have a wide range of uses, including merchandising and lighting to rope access maintenance and window cleaning, so it’s important that they comply with UK regulations and legislative guidelines.

Eyebolts and other single anchor points should be tested at least once a year (once every 6 months if Class A). If your systems have not been tested within these timeframes, they need to be marked as “do not use” as they may not be compliant.

Testing standards

  • BS EN 795
  • BS EN 7883
Recertification Test

Solutions You Can Trust

All of the height safety solutions we offer comply with the relevant British & European Standards and can be installed on most roof types to provide the full access and maintenance you require.

What systems we test

With a wide range of eyebolts available on the market from various manufacturers, we test a number of different eyebolts, including:

  • Fixed eyebolts
  • Removable eyebolts
  • Flush lock eyebolts
  • Visual merchandising hooks
  • Abseil points

What we look for

  • Missing or loose fixtures and fittings
  • Missing tags
  • Structural damage in the surrounding area
  • Visual damage or vandalism
  • Corrosion

Remember: Eyebolts and abseil points are used in conjunction with PPE, it is imperative that this is also inspected for compliance and deemed appropriate for use by a competent person.

Eyebolt Testing