EN795:2012 Type B

EN795:2012 is the European standard that specifies the requirements for personal fall protection equipment. This standard provides guidelines for the testing, performance, and marking of fall protection equipment. EN795:2012 Type B is a type of anchorage that can be used for fall protection. In this blog post, we will discuss EN795:2012 Type B in detail.

EN795:2012 Type B Anchorage points are designed to provide fall protection for one person. These anchorages are used in situations where a vertical drop hazard exists, and workers need to be protected from falls. Type B anchorage points must be capable of supporting a minimum of 15kN of static force. They must also be able to withstand a shock load of 12kN without failure.

Type B anchorages are typically used in applications where the fall risk is low to medium. This type of anchorage is commonly found in situations where a person is required to work at heights such as maintenance of plant and machinery or inspection of buildings. They are also used in situations where personnel need to be anchored in place for extended periods.

One of the main benefits of EN795:2012 Type B anchorages is that they are easy to install. These anchorages can be attached to a range of surfaces, including concrete, steel, and wood. They are also available in a variety of designs, including eye bolts, tie-off points, and fixed anchorages.

EN795:2012 Type B anchorages must be tested and certified to ensure compliance with the standard. The testing process involves subjecting the anchorage point to various loads and forces to ensure that it meets the minimum requirements specified by the standard. The testing process includes a static load test, a dynamic load test, and a shock load test.

In addition to the testing requirements, EN795:2012 Type B anchorages must also be marked with the appropriate information. The marking must include the name and address of the manufacturer, the date of manufacture, the model number, and the maximum load capacity.

In conclusion

EN795:2012 Type B anchorages are an essential component of fall protection systems. These anchorages provide a safe and reliable means of protecting workers who are required to work at height. They are easy to install and are available in a range of designs to suit different applications. By ensuring that EN795:2012 Type B anchorages are tested and certified, we can be confident that they meet the minimum requirements for performance and safety.