Suffolk Park

We installed a complex horizontal safety line system using over 600m of cable. The completed man anchor systems will give workers safe access to the entire roof for maintenance and repairs.

Project Type
Safety line system

Suffolk Park

Project Summary

The property owner wanted to ensure that safe access to the entire roof would be possible as it would be required in the future on an ongoing basis to allow for routine maintenance and repair of the roof and related structures. Due to the size and style of the roof, a complex and extensive system would be required. After assessing the options, a horizontal safety line system was selected.

What We Achieved

To improve safety performance and deal with certain features of the roof and existing roofing elements, we installed 5 separate man anchor systems, with a total cable length of 650m. The systems were of varying sizes, with the four largers systems being 158m each and the final one just 18m. The complete horizontal safety line system provides access to all areas of the roof which means that future maintenance can be done safely.

The Outcome

We are proud to report that the client was very satisfied with the quality, speed and cost of our installation. Our work has made the roof much safer, which in turn makes access easier and maintenance cheaper and more thorough. Thanks to their recommendation and the expertise we demonstrated on this project we have secured 2 further contracts to undertake safety at height installations.