Naval Dockyard

Working inside a secured area, we designed and installed a bespoke guardrail consisting of line rope to protect workers from falls around a glassed-in plant area.

Project Type
Bespoke fall protection guardrail

Project Summary

Working for BAE at one of their naval dockyard locations, we created a bespoke guardrail consisting of line rope to provide protection around the glass of a plant room. As the installation location was in a secure area, transporting goods and materials onto the site was challenging. In addition, the building was live so drilling was only permitted between 6-9am.

What We Achieved

This particular structure has been cased in glass at each elevation, both internal and external. As a result, the risks of a fall are magnified and the guardrail protection we installed was essential to protect site workers and contractors. Due to the unusual shape of the space, we needed to design a bespoke system using line rope to create a safe access path through the area.

The Outcome

Routine maintenance and cleaning on this site are now significantly safer. Contractors and BAE staff working on the building can now access the area in question without risk of falling or of dropping into the glass facing.  Despite the challenges inherent in working inside a secured area, we were able to complete the project to the satisfaction of the senior BAE staff who signed it off.